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Subject Category: Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Remote Sensing And GIS, Bio Medical Engineering, Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering, Engineering Physics,Photonics, Mathematics and Computing Engineering, Agriculture and Food Engineering, Technology, Management, Interdisciplinary..

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Volume  5  Issue  3

A Review on Haze/Fog Removal Technique with Improved Quality Assessment

The aim of this paper is to achieve a more complete understanding of underground image fog removal, related parameters, characteristics, and behavior. The latest advances in other scientific fields are considered from...

A Review on Automatic Segmentation of Skin Cancer Detection

This paper highlights the various segmentation algorithms used in the automated melanoma detection .The application of biomedical image processing for diagnostic purpose is a non invasive technique. In order to identi...

A Review on CDMA-OFDM System for Wireless Communication

Wireless networks are progressively more complex. Cell site architectures and infrastructure have evolved over five generations of technology. The quantity of traffic they support is overwhelming. Base station and mic...

A Comparative Study on the use of Natural and Synthetic Materials as Noise Reducing Media in the Silencers of Internal Combustion Engine

This research is mainly concerned with the investigation on the use of naturally and locally available materials and synthetic materials as sound reducing media in the silencers of internal combustion (spark ignition)...


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